Technics SL-1200 MK3 Direct Drive Turntable


  • Various Headshell, Cartridge and stylus options seperately available
  • Seperate Dustcover available
  • Fully serviced with original parts and 6 month warranty included
Weight 12500 g
Dimensions 36 × 45,3 × 16,2 cm

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Type Record player
Drive system Direct drive
Control system Quartz control
Number of revolutions 33 1/3, 45 rpm
Rotational speed fine adjustment range ± 8% (continuously variable)
Wow flutter 0.01% W. R. M.S. (FG Direct Reading)
Signal-to-noise ratio 78 dB (DIN-B, IEC98A weighted)
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 13.5W
External dimensions Width 453x Height 162x Depth 360 mm
Weight 12.5kg

Third generation record player in the SL 1200 series.

A quartz synthesizer continuous pitch control system is adopted for rotation control, and the pitch can be changed continuously within ± 8% with the quartz lock on.
In addition, an all-around detection FG is adopted to realize more accurate detection signals by detecting all around the rotation axis.

An integrated structure DD motor with a starting torque of 1.5 kg ・ cm is used for the drive motor, and a heavy duty turntable reaches constant speed at 0.7 seconds (33 1/3rpm).

Vibration resistance of the turntable is improved by rubber sheet.

A gimbal suspension system has been adopted for the tone arm part to realize an excellent initial motion sensitivity of 7 mg in both horizontal and vertical directions.
In addition, it is equipped with a lock-type arm height adjustment mechanism, and fine adjustment within 6 mm is possible by the height adjustment ring of precision helicoid finish, which minimizes vertical tracking error.

The upper part of the cabinet is made of aluminum die-cast, and it is made of heavy special rubber with high vibration damping ratio and excellent vibration damping characteristics. In addition, the DD motor, tone arm DD motor, tone arm, and dust cover are also connected to this special rubber, and each part is isolated separately. Thorough anti-vibration measures are adopted.
Four large insulators prevent adverse effects of external vibration.

A slide lever system is used for pitch adjustment. The display panel allows direct reading of pitch conversion in increments of 1%, and the green LED lights up at 0 points (rated speed).

It has a built-in pure electronic brake mechanism. By this, the brake is applied quickly with one touch, and the brake mechanism is released as soon as it stops.

Equipped with a pop-up stylus illuminator.